The Number Of English Language Learner Essay

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As the number of English Language Learner (ELL) students continues to grow, many schools are not prepared to face the challenges that ELL students will encounter. Schools struggle to provide ELL students with the appropriate type of assistance that is needed for the students. Research shows that when schools are not prepared to solve problems with ELL students, the schools will classify the student as special needs or as a special education student (Anderson, Minnema, 2005). ELL students are labeled as special need or special education because of the lack of test fairness. The test unfairness is caused by the assessments and evaluation tools that are used to determine whether students meet the qualifications for special education, because they are intended for students who speak a single language, usually, English, and who are advanced in the language (Maxwell, Shah, 2012). The lack of assessments and tools makes it difficult to determine if an ELL student qualifies for special education. Often teachers are not prepared to face the challenges that occur with ELL students. It’s hard for teachers to determine whether the student has special needs or is facing difficulties with learning a new language. Teachers need to be aware of test unfairness, how students are referred to special education, and their overall lack of knowledge of ELL students.
Lack of Test Fairness English Language Learners suffer from lack of test fairness because the tests are generally based upon a…

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