Essay The Nuclear Weapons Of The Atomic Bombs

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The atomic bombs may have been dropped in Japan, but their power was perceived around the world. Following the conclusion of World War II, newly-elected President Dwight Eisenhower quickly ended the fight in Korea, and made it a goal to keep the still threatening Soviet Union at bay, while also avoiding conflicts in Asia. Secretary of State John Dulles proposed multiple alliances between powerful countries; however, this proposal lost traction after proving ineffective. Eisenhower also wanted to use technology advances as a means to keep the Soviets at bay, namely the strategic use of nuclear weapons, through his New Look policy. This policy worked to rapidly advance wartime technology while simultaneously cutting back our conventional forces. On top of this, the “Massive Retaliation” strategy, or the concept of being constantly ready to rapidly retaliate to any enemy attack, was presented as a means of deterrence. The country was preparing to attack wherever and whenever necessary following a Communist offensive. This strategy relied on the US maintaining technological superiority, which quickly disappeared as the USSR developed their own nuclear arsenal. Despite never having proof of whether or not Massive Retaliation worked, it was maintained as a US strategy throughout Eisenhower’s presidency.
While the Massive Retaliation strategy was used throughout this period, technology began to advance around the world. While Eisenhower poured resources into improving long-range…

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