The Nuclear Of Soviet Nuclear Tests Essay

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Almost immediately following World War II the US and the Soviets were plunged into the Cold War. It wasn’t the usual kind of war as it didn’t involve infantry vs. infantry combat but just politics and a series of nuclear tests to sort of flex their muscles. The Soviets were quick to divert most of the countries funding into their nuclear projects which allowed them to created hundreds of nuclear capable weapons. Russia for the most part remained on the backfoot always trying to play catch up yet they had many innovations that kept them ahead of the US at times. The history of Soviet nuclear tests is long but fairly interesting to hear the innovation that occurred over the years.
Soviet nuclear projects first originated during the mid 40’s as an effort to claim military superiority. A majority of all Soviet projects were to be headed by Igor Kurchatov. The first nuclear test done by the USSR was device RDS-1, codenamed FIrst Lightning, during late August in 1949. The test took place at Semipalatinsk, Kazakh SSR. The test of the nuclear device was classified as a success therefore the USSR became the second country in the world to have a functional nuclear arsenal. From this point on the USSR worked on expanding its arsenal to new and terrifying heights. The project headed by Kurchatov came to a bit of turbulence later in 49 when he was involved in an accident at Chelyabinsk-40, which is now labeled as a catastrophe since it killed more than the incident at Chernobyl, where…

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