Essay on The Nuclear Family

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In many societies, the nuclear family has always been thought of as the standardized norm with regards to being the ideal way to raise children. However, this standard notion is changing in certain societies and communities. Although there is a firm belief that the nuclear family unit is considered one of the most common family units among families, Carol Stacks argues that in the poor African-American communities, nuclear families is not very viable due to poverty, lack of increased social-economic status and due to the high proportion of single mothers living in this community. Carol Stacks also argues that relationships and survival are based on systems involving reciprocity and that these set of relationships are constructed through the social networks they create.

Urban communities consisting of poor African-American families struggle in regards to affording the high costs of food and rent (Stack, 1974, p. 33). However through systems involving reciprocity, this system ensures survival for people of these communities (Stack, 1974, p. 33). In Stacks argument, she refers to reciprocity as “swapping”. This means that people in the community give and share items or necessities that they have based on the principal that if they give something, they get something in return (Stack, 1974, p. 34). Swapping takes place among the majority of women related to each other in these communities and represents a pledge, loan, trust given on the condition that something will be…

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