Essay on The Nuclear Bomb Of The Atomic Bomb

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Throughout life, we’ve become more and more invested in science, exploring the things we could do. Yes, we can do certain things, but should we? Sure, science has helped us throughout the ages, science has saved us, but it also destroyed us. There are some things we should not create, that we shouldn’t do. Oppenheimer and his co-workers crossed that line 70 years ago. When they changed the world as they knew it. When they dropped their creation, their weapon; the atomic bomb. During WWII, America and the Allies were struggling against the Axis Powers. It was a long and restless battle against the countries. And neither side was giving in. But as time progressed, we became anxious, a little worry. This was not just a battle, but a war. A war that affected the entire world. We were losing lives everyday. Innocent people were killed, our homes were threatened. President Harry Truman thought that the atomic bomb was the only way, the right way. But who was he to decide? This is a nuclear weapon. No one had ever used it as a weapon. No one thought that maybe some things we shouldn’t tamper with. But we did. July 16, 1945, they tested the weapon in a remote location in New Mexico. When the creators witnessed it, they had different reactions. Some saw it as it truly was. A horrible weapon that mankind had no right to create. For it had the ability to destroy us and our planet. Everything would be gone. But most were ecstatic. Especially Oppenheimer. “I am Become Death, the…

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