The Nsw Freedom Ride Of 1965 Essay

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The NSW Freedom Ride of 1965 was a controversial event that played a major role in promoting the civil rights of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. With quite simple aims and very basic methods, the Freedom Riders caused a stir across Australia, leading to many short and long term implications on both the white Australian and ATSI population. The Rides empowered both ATSI and white Australians to take a stand against discrimination, protect equality and foster the process of reconciliation. Although it helped benefit the ATSI peoples however, the Freedom Ride was still a highly debated affair that generated both praise and criticism throughout Australia. The Australian Freedom Riders began their journey through rural NSW with three main goals in mind. On the 12th February 1965, inspired by the civil rights movement in America, which was working to bring equality to black people and led by Charles Perkins, a party of 35 students from Sydney University plus four Aborigines, known as SAFA (Student Action for Aborigines) set out to see first-hand the conditions in which ATSI people of New South Wales were living , highlighting and gaining media attention towards the discrimination that was still rife within some communities . They hoped to point out and help to lessen the socially discriminatory barriers which existed between ATSI peoples and white Australians while additionally they also wanted to encourage and support Aboriginal people to resist and recognise…

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