The Nsa 's National Security Agency Essays

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Currently, the citizens of the United States of America think upon the debate of whether or not it is in any way socially beneficial or even acceptable for the federal government’s National Security Agency (NSA) to delve into information that is personal to someone for the protection and well-being of the country (NSA, 2015). Charlie Savage, an author and Washington correspondent for the New York Times, highlights the fact that the NSA is capable of reading SMS (Short Message Service) information between two people, record telephone conversations and even overseeing exchanges through IMs (Instant Messages) when someone could be sharing credit or debit card information and passwords, the possibility makes the majority of the United States’ populace wonder if the NSA should continue their work to “defend the country” (2013). Barton Gellman, author and writer for the national staff who has been awarded numerous Pulitzer prizes, points out that most individuals find that the NSA has crossed the boundaries of privacy and violated the Fourth Amendment, and some conspiracy theorists assume that the United States Department of Justice’s Privacy Act of 1974 lead by the General Information Office of Privacy and Civil Liberties was also violated on several occasions with corporate interests who sought out government files to gather statistics on the country’s residents (2013). However, some people worry about what exactly is done with this information and if it even is legal by the…

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