Essay about The Novel ' Wonderland '

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Wonderland is as beautiful and colorful as she remembered, reminiscent of a masterpiece painting using colors selected by a child. Alice navigates through the dense forests, tall mushrooms and strange fauna. Alice navigates the path as if she’d done it every day of her life. Upon stumbling through a darker part on her path she all at once gets the sensation of being watched, a chill goes down her spine; the sense of someone breathing on her neck; the sound of faint whispers into her ear, yet she cannot place the direction from where they come. Leaves begin to rustle as if something were moving on top of them, the dirt picks up and trails a gust of air, dragging along with the movement. The air spirals upwards, surrounding Alice, leisurely taking the tangible form of a fat, grey cat covered in luminescent Cerulean and black stripes, a cat with the largest grin anyone had ever seen, and the most menacing dark pastel green eyes. Alice stood unflinching in the face of this beaming feline phantom. “Do you know where you’re going, young lady?” The cat purred with a snakelike calmness staring smugly at the blonde woman.
“I do, in fact. I’m heading to a good friend’s house” she says assuredly. “Do you know where you’re going, Cheshire?”
He grins wider, gaining an even greater aura of mischievousness, “Do any of us truly know where we’re going, Miss Alice? Besides unlike you, I can never get lost if I don’t know where I’m going.” He vanishes and appears on a branch behind Alice. “It…

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