Essay on The Novel ' The Melting Pot '

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The Melting Pot was a title given to the United States of America to symbolize its many cultural backgrounds, often represented by the immigrants. These travelers had different incentives for leaving their home, one being the hope of a better life in “the Land of Milk and Honey.” Unfortunately, not all voyagers had the circumstances that led to a brighter future. Regardless of how and why they arrived in the country, all groups had different experiences that involved the American Dream. The Native Americans’ literary works contain elements of the Dream, though such an ideal did not exist when these were written. The accounts of the European explorers, in comparison, introduce an unknown world full of opportunity upon which the standards are based, persuading others to emigrate with them. Notwithstanding, the narratives of the African slaves shed a different light on the Dream, since it did not quite exist for them. These factions were divided in terms of their experiences, but doubly divided in terms of perspective.
Native American literature portrays their diverse culture as one that seems to understand the idea of the American Dream of which they did not know. For instance, the mentality of progress is featured in the Pima Creation Story where the protagonist Juhwertamahkai, the Doctor of the Earth, creates the world from nothingness. He creates tiny ants, but when he notices that the creatures are not beneficial, he forms white ants that expand the Earth. The prospect of…

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