The Novel ' The Awakening ' Essay

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The Struggle Within
The book The Awakening is about a woman named Edna struggling to decide how she wants to be in that society. Chopin uses Madame Ratignolle and Mademoiselle Reisz as examples of the perfect and the worst women in that society. She uses Madame Ratignolle as the perfect wife, mother, and woman of that society. Mademoiselle Reisz is used as the opposite and is what Edna wishes she could be. Chopin uses the descriptions of the women, of their home, of how they act with their families, and how they play the piano as ways to show how they seen in society. They show both sides of what Edna is struggling to decide to be, the perfect woman or what she wants to be.
Chopin describes each woman in a different way to show how she symbolizes the different women in that society. Madame Ratignolle represents the perfect woman in the society of that time. When Chopin describes Madame Ratignolle she is made to seem perfect in how say says “There are no words to describe her save the old ones that have served so often to picture the bygone heroine of romance and the fair lady of our dreams” (11). She also uses words such as, beautiful, grace, gold, and sapphires to further describe Madame Ratignolle making her seem almost similar to a gem. Mademoiselle Reisz is used to represent the opposite of Madame Ratignolle, as the outcast in society for not being the woman society wants her to be. Chopin describes Mademoiselle Reisz as “a disagreeable little woman, no longer…

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