Essay on The Novel Perfect By Natasha Friend

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The novel Perfect by Natasha Friend is about coping with the loss of a loved one and reveals that it is not easy to deal with great losses especially close ones. The protagonist is a girl named Isabelle Lee who is 13 years old whose world got turned upside down after the death of her father. Isabelle felt that she had a somewhat perfect life before her dad died. Her life along with her families soon changes developing her habit of binge eating. Her mom suffers with depression due to her husband’s death and her sister suffers from loneliness. Not only does Isabelle’s mom have trouble coping with the death, Isabelle deals with the death by binge eating then throwing up, better known as bulimia. This new habit is discovered by her younger sister April, referred to as Ape Face, and then reports this finding to her mother. This is the part of the book where Isabelle is forced to go to group psychotherapy because her mother is making her in hopes that she will stop this horrible habit. In the beginning Isabelle is completely against talking to strangers about her father’s death but during group Isabelle realizes the most popular, pretty, rich, smart, and nice girl in school; Ashley Barnum faces the same problems she does. They soon become friends and start eating and throwing up together at sleepovers. The antagonist of this novel is Ashley Barnum because Isabelle wants to become like her and tries to copy her.
I feel that I empathize mostly with Isabelle…

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