The Norwegian Rat Essay

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The Norwegian Rat by Naguib Mahfouz
Fortunately we were not alone in this affliction. Mr. A.M., being the senior householder in the building, had invited us to a meeting in his flat for an exchange of opinions. There were not more than ten people present, including Mr. A.M., who, in addition to being the oldest among us, held the most senior position and was also the most well off. No one failed to show up--and how could they, seeing that it had to do with the rats and their likely invasion of our homes and their threat to our safety? Mr. A.M. began in a voice of great gravity with "As you all know..." and then set forth what the papers had been reiterating about the advance of the rats, their vast numbers, and the terrible destruction
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Also inside the flats if circumstances permit."
"But it's said that the Norwegian rat attacks cats."
"Cats are not without their use."
We returned to our homes in high spirits and with a sincere resolve. Soon, rats predominated over the rest of our worries. They made frequent appearances in our dreams, occupied the most time in our conversations, and came to engross us as life's main difficulty. We proceeded to take the precautions we had promised to, as we awaited the coming of the enemy. Some of us were saying that there was not long to go, while others said that one day we'd spot a rat darting past and that this would be the harbinger of imminent danger.
Many different explanations were given for the proliferation of rats. One opinion was that it was due to the Canal towns being empty after the evacuation, another attributed it to the negative aspects of the High Dam, others blamed it on the system of government, while many saw in it God's wrath at His servants for their refusal to accept His guidance. We expended laudable efforts in making rational preparations, about which no one wsa negligent. At a further meeting held at his home, the estimable Mr. A.M., may God preserve him, said, "I am happy with the preventive measures you have taken, and I am pleased to see the entrance to our building swarming with cats. Certainly there

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