Essay on The Northern Region Of The United States

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The region I chose for my written report project is the Northern region of the United States. The Northern region of US consists of cold and snowy winters and semi warm summers. The Northern region mainly consists of states along the border of Canada. I chose this region for my project because I like snowy mountain areas and colder environments. The main place I chose for this project is Minnesota, which is in the Northern region of the United States. The absolute location of Minnesota, Minneapolis is 44º 59 ' N, 93º 16 ' W. The relative location of Minnesota is positioned in both the Northern and Western Hemispheres. Minnesota is bordered by North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa, and Wisconsin. Here is a picture of the Sawtooth mountains in Minnesota. This is one of the many mountains in Minnesota, let alone the whole Northern region. The Northern Hemisphere begins at 0° (equator) and goes North until it ends at 90° (North Pole). The Northern Hemisphere has a variety of climates and topography. There is more land in the Northern Hemisphere compared to the Southern Hemisphere and other Hemispheres. The extra land plays a big role in the weather patterns of the Northern Hemisphere, as well as being in the North it adds to the harsher environments. One of my favorite geographical feature of Northern United States is the snowy environments and mountains. The mountains are some of the most beautiful geographical features in the United States in my opinion. They are vast and huge and…

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