The Northern Pass Is An Energy Project Essay

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The Northern Pass is an energy project that will bring 1,090- megawatts of hydro power from Canada to Deerfield, NH. Proponents of the project say it will add a sustainable source of power to the mix, lower energy costs and create jobs. Opponents have argued it will negatively impact tourism, they disagree with the use of how the land is being obtained and dispute the jobs and benefit to New Hampshire residents. This paper presents both the positive and negative aspects of the project and tries to determine what the actual benefits are and if the cost is worth it.
The project will be owned and operated by Northern Pass Transmission LLC, which is owned by Eversource Energy Transmission Ventures, Inc., which is one of about fifty wholly owned subsidiaries of Eversource Energy. 3 Eversource Energy (NYSE: ES) is a public company that provides electricity and natural gas in Connecticut, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire. They have dual headquarters in Boston, Massachusetts and Hartford, Connecticut. In 2015 they saw $878,485,000.00 of net income on revenue of $7,954,827,000.00. Eversource and other utility companies like it have faced criticism from solar advocates for lobbying to raise the cap on Net Metering, a process in which excess energy created from home solar panels is purchased from the home owner by the utility at retail price. The retail price often far exceeds the wholesale price of energy generated from coal, nuclear or hydro plants.
The power will be generated from…

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