The North Killed Reconstruction After The Civil War Essay

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After the civil war ended in 1865, the nation was left divided in two. The South was unstable- it’s economy was bad and they were still seething from their defeat in the Civil War. They were unable to focus on anything but their own problems. It was the North’s responsibility to take charge of the Reconstruction- a period that would restore America’s economy and attempt to instill civil rights for everyone, regardless of skin color. The South was racist and a lot more vocal about their prejudices, but the North did not do as much as they should have. Their media printed racist letters, the citizens turned indifferent to the events going on in the South, and the president was too busy with the less important issues going on, neglecting the Reconstruction. The North killed Reconstruction due to government corruption, apathy towards the South’s problems, and unchecked racism.
The North claimed to be the tolerant half of the United States, yet they still perpetrated unfair and untrue stereotypes. They clearly didn’t see blacks as their equals, they saw them as inferior. Though they had ended slavery, they still hadn’t completely changed their views. By fall of 1873, even the media in the North was blatantly racist. The Boston Evening Transcript, a newspaper that was based in the North and was pro-freedman, printed a letter, arguing that “blacks, as a people, are unfitted for the proper exercise of political duties”. The letter went on to say that “blacks needed a period of…

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