The North And South Were Different Societies Essay

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The north (including the Midwest) and the south were different societies. Although, the north and south had some similarity in that they both had small farmers and both did agriculture. They both also had major differences in their economy, transportation, communication, lifestyle and labor force.
In terms of the economy the northern and southern states were very different. The north was more modernized, the development of capitalism and the changes in life through consumption and transportation. In the north (Midwest), there were lots of small farmers. The farmers practices commercial agriculture, this is where farmers grew crops for sale. The farmers will make enough to feed their families. AS industrialization continue to grow the more cities began to pop up. Due to the increase in factories, more people came to live in the cities. The industries created job opportunities for immigrants who were coming from Europe in hopes of finding work. Slavery was legal in all of the 13 Colonies and, at times, some areas of the North had higher rates of slave holding than the south. Education was more assessable to people of the north. Although higher education were reserved for the wealthy.
In the south, the economy was based on agriculture. Agriculture was the main source of income for the people of the south. Farmers grew cotton, tobacco, rice and sugar cane etc. but the southern economy was mostly rooted on cotton. Wealthy farmers had huge cotton fields to maximize profit but…

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