The North American Free Trade Agreement Essay

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The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) has tremendously helped Canada and its economic well- being. On the beginning of the year of 1994, an agreement on the basis of trading between Canada, the United States of America, and Mexico was made. This agreement was based on the motive of free trade, such that of paying significantly less in import and export taxes between the three nations. NAFTA has aided North America extensively, that being said helping Canada’s economy is no exception to it’s role. NAFTA has greatly helped Canada by growing the economy, creating more jobs, to improving prices and selection in consumer goods. In conclusion, NAFTA has been a big asset to Canada’s economic growth. NAFTA imperishably developed the Canadian economy. NAFTA concludes of an agreement, partnering with the great nations known as the United States of America and Mexico. NAFTA allows many to do business with other countries without the worry of taxes nor having to worry about any other restraints arising. Enabling the idea of Canada to be capable of having more money to deal with other countries outside the agreement. NAFTA provided Canada with U.S. investments. This gave the opportunity for people in the automotive, agricultural-business, energy, aerospace and transportation industries to have jobs that pay more. The economy of Canada has appeared to have an annual GDP of (3.3%), in comparison to Mexico (2.7%). With Canada’s population increasing, this means there are an…

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