Essay on The North American Free Trade Agreement Or Nafta

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The North American Free Trade Agreement or NAFTA for short linked the economies of the United States, Canada, and Mexico by barring trade restrictions between the countries. However, NAFTA has been put under the microscope increasingly since its implementation and criticized by farmers, workers, and politicians in Mexico and the United States alike. The criticism has reached as far as the United States 2016 Presidential election where presidential candidates Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump have both rejected the deal as disastrous for the American economy and workers drawing attention to the rising trade deficit with Mexico and loss of American manufacturing jobs. Whereas Hillary Clinton is more supportive of NAFTA’s achievements. The impact of NAFTA on Mexico has been beneficial to a large sector of Mexico’s economy including manufacturing but agricultural farmers particularly corn producers has suffered as a result of the deal. This contrast is reflected geographically as well as economically in Mexico as the industrial north reaped the benefits of NAFTA whereas the agrarian south hurt.
Mexico’s economy gained significantly in the wake of the NAFTA trade agreement by attracting foreign capital and investment into the country benefiting the developed north. Job growth was a major net positive of NAFTA in the Mexican economy particularly automobile manufacturing increased steadily under the direction of NAFTA . A study conducted by the World Bank suggests that NAFTA enabled…

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