The North American Colonies Were Spread All Throughout The Eastern Coast

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Essay #1 The North American colonies were spread all throughout the Eastern coast. The Pilgrims, who were English farmers, settled in Plymouth in 1620 on accident (Brands, 56). They meant to go to Virginia, but because of a navigational error they ended up in what is now Massachusetts (Brands, 42). The reason they were able to survive was friendship with the local Indians (Brands,43). These Indians taught the Pilgrims how to hunt and farming techniques (Brands, 43). The Anglican colonists settled in Virginia in 1607 (Brands, 56). Their major export was tobacco (Brands, 56). These colonists were required to worship in a state church, that was supported by their taxes. The Anglicans tried to convert the Native Americans, but they resisted and this caused tension between them (“Religion Virginia”). William Penn, a Quaker, received a charter from King Charles II, giving him an extensive amount of land, called Pennsylvania or “Penn’s woods” (Brands, 53). The Quakers came to America in 1681 (Brands, 56). They believed that anyones interpretation of the Scripture was just as good as anyone else 's. The other colonists did not like the Quakers, because of their outspoken ways. This caused many of the Quakers to be persecuted (Brands, 52). The Dutch were some of the earliest settlers in American. They establish themselves in New Amsterdam, or what is now New York, around 1614. They built Fort Nassau, which is now Albany. They came to America for commercial reasons. The region…

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