The Non Nuclear Family Essay

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Sephanie Coontz covers the American romanticizing of the past that occurs in modern culture through pointing out the reality of our history, specifically in regards to the union and institution of marriage. Essentially, we were never that great; some may argue, Coontz in fact argues, we are the greatest we have ever been (still not that great) and nostalgia gets in the way of us recognizing that fact. To begin, Coontz addresses the issue surrounding the history of the non-nuclear family in regards to single parent families, as well as the oftentimes resulting step families. Two parent homes were rare due to high death rates and remarriages were common, which brought many step siblings and “non-traditional” families. The use of “traditional” is subjective, according to Coontz, due to the various misconceptions that surround marriage as a tradition. The side remark about Cinderella I found particularly pertinent in the fact that it represents an unrecognized reality, in the familial aspect. Coontz remarks that oftentimes step parents made an effort to rid the family of their step children, whether that be killing them or by other mean Although discordance between step family members remains common the killing of step children is no longer such an issue. Moreover, divorce comes as the next topic in the progression of the talk and as a suitable companion (pun intended) for the matter of single parent, non-nuclear households. The taboo-ness often associated with divorce and the…

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