Essay about The Non Franchise Style Spurs

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Black Friday-- it’s the day of the year where citizens of the United States wake up with their bellies full from the feast the previous night to spend almost 60 billion dollars altogether at their local “big box” store (Black Friday 2016). Comparatively, on the following day-- Small Business Saturday-- only 16 billion are spent (Small Business Saturday 2016). That’s nearly one sixth of the amount. These statistics may lead one to believe that the superstores have taken over, but he would be undercutting the importance of the old mom and pop shops and those companies who have kept their horizons a little less broad. The Small Business Administration defines these businesses by their size or annual receipts. However, small businesses are defined by more than these simple restrictions. Many argue that small businesses contribute to most of the economic prosperity in the United States. Other say that the communality that the non-franchise style spurs is an their most important aspect. In an manner, the key to a company of this size is customer interaction and nobody knows this better than Gregg , owner of Game Trade-- a classic video game store that loves the small town feel of De Pere, Wisconsin with the benefits of suburban Green Bay. With a bold emphasis on customer service, Gregg’s store is the epitome of what a small business should be. A large part of the American Dream has always been to forge one’s own path towards economic prosperity, and small businesses not only help…

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