The Non Aggression Pact (Hitler Vs. Stalin)

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non aggression pact (hitler vs stalin)
How did the Hitler-Stalin Pact affect the outcomes of World War II?

Not long before the second world war, Germany was invading neighboring countries such as

Sudetenland and Czechoslovakia. Britain was fearing German expansion and immediately

needed to take action against Hitler. As Hitler was not an easy target, the most powerful nation

Britain could ally with to prevent Hitler from continuing was the Soviet Union. Hitler feared this kind

of association and tried to sympathize with the Soviet Union , ending with the Hitler-Stalin Pact ,

also known as the Ribbentrop-Molotov Pact. The Non-agression pact stated that the two nations

would not take any military actions on each other
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Regarding Hitler, his main ambition for this non aggression pact is to

be able to invade poland as he wished without having to be concerned with The soviet union

reacting on the eastern borders. In bold, the Non Aggression pact was based on the idea that both

countries would not attack each other whether independently or in any alliance with any other

country. It also prevents any of the two countries to support any country threatening one of the two

states. Finally it encourages the two countries to stay close regarding any common interests. This

of course was only the main takeaway from the pact, as the pact had several detailed articles that

had to be followed by Hitler’s Germany and Stalin’s Soviet Union. An important statement that was

issued in one of the articles was the solving of any disputes between the states in a friendly

manner. This was not Hitler’s intentions at all as he does not deal with disagreements peacefully.

In addition to the full Pact which contained all of the articles to be followed, there also was a Secret

Protocol. The protocol included the case of territorial agreements regarding the Baltic States
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The soviets later also invaded Bessarabia

which belonged to Romania at that time.

In the years following the signing Non Aggression pact , many events showed that both countries

had some surprising similiarites. Both germany and the soviet union occupied zones in the area of

eastern europe. As we know, Hitler disliked immensely the jewish people and wanted to eliminated

them. This led the jews to move further east towards the Soviet Union. The only problem is that

since the two countries were allied, the jews were also mistreated by the Soviets, so they had no

option but to go back and get persecuted. The country that had to face major actions from the

persecution of the jewish people was Poland as thousands of polish jews were persecuted from

both sides. Now that they came for them, the jews only had two options, to stay or to leave

europe . Economically, Germans and soviets both cooperated very closely as one of the articles

stated in the pact. The soviets benefitted from germanys advanced tools and technology to

complete any sort of products they produced domestically. On the other hand, Germany

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