The Nomadic People Of Northern China Essay

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Throughout history we hear the word nomadic and constantly associate this term with words such as, savage, heathen, hunter gatherer. What if I made the claim that nomads created the largest land empire in history in the shortest amount of time. It might be hard to believe with words commonly associated with Nomad. The Mongols from Northern China empire began in Northern China in 1206 and expanded from the Pacific ocean to the Black Sea. Impressively they were able to achieve this feat in only 70 years with a nomadic society of two million people. They conquered cultures that were considered technological advanced such as, China, Persia, and Europe. Genghis Kahn was able to establish the largest nomadic empire in such a short time through superior military weaponry, tactics, and leadership. The nomadic people of Northern China was originally separated into five tribes, constant violence and power struggles between tribes led to disunity within the nomads. Before becoming Genghis Khan he was known as Temujin a local tribe leader who strived to unite the nomads through a new leadership philosophy. The norm of tribal supremacy within the nomads was that each family was loyal to their clan leader. Temujin rejected this normalcy and proceeded to promote people who showed courage in battle. Upon conquering a tribe he would dispatch the leader or anyone who opposed him and then would invite the warriors to join his clan as equal members. This leadership philosophy eliminated…

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