The Noble And Holly Order Of The Knights Of Labour Essay

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The “Noble and Holly Order of the Knights of Labour” were originated in 1869 [5]. They were centrally concerned with protecting and enhancing the nobility of labour. [3] The organization rejected socialism and radicalism, which limited their use of strikes and instead offered a more reasoned approach to solving labour problems. While challenging labour union norms such as strikes and other radical behaviours, the Knights of Labour believed that its forerunners had failed because they limited their membership. [5] For this reason, the Knights of Labour proposed to organize both skilled and unskilled workers, as well as blacks and women. [3] By 1886, the Knights membership peaked at nearly 700,000, making it Americas largest, and one of the most powerful organizations of the century. [5] A group of painters from Hamilton met with the Knights in 1881, and helped form the first “local assembly” of the organization in Canada. The Knights became not only the great hope of workers in Canada and the United States, but also the great hops of workers in many other countries.
The Knights were had a great impact because of their ability to set a clear example of what did and didn’t work. [3] They attempted a “bold project bringing the conventional goals of a political party, a fraternal lodge, and a trade union under a single umbrella”. [7] They also formulated labour politics that included a working class that was as diverse as possible. This multi-faceted, diverse working class had…

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