The No Child Left Behind Act Essay

1579 Words May 5th, 2016 null Page
An Introduction of the Topic
My topic is about the No Child Left Behind act and the problems it has caused since being put in place in the education system. This law has created extremely high standards, put excessive and unnecessary pressure on students and faculty, and has resulted in several schools being labeled as “failing schools”. Since they have converted it to ESSA it may cause these things to change, but the effects of NCLB will be around for years to come and any new policy will just stem from the NCLB. I am writing about this topic because schools are put under too much pressure and are less likely to genuinely succeed when the federal government is constantly hovering over them, watching their every move, and expecting nothing short of perfection. This topic is special because it has played a major role in the education system we have today, and what goes on inside our classrooms. Also, the NCLB law was passed in 2002 and was said to be a ten year policy, but has just recently been changed to the ESSA. This policy is important to all members of the community, but overall it affects students and teachers the most. As found in “Leaving NCLB Behind,” this policy required schools to perform standardized testing every year from third grade until eight grade. Then, at least once from tenth to twelfth grade. The No Child Left Behind policy gave schools a set of standards to meet and progress requirements. These standards put extra pressure on students and teachers…

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