The No Child Left Behind Act Essay

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Public schools receive funding based on their academic success, however, it is hard to reach with the limited amount of funding received. The No Child Left Behind Act in 2001 was the beginning of a controversy by holding schools responsible based on standardized tests. Which caused either less funding or replacement of an entire staff. Putting pressure on teachers to go beyond their limits to keep their job. Although success cannot be reached if funding is not given to the proper schools. Studies have shown that low poverty schools receive less funding than from those richer schools. It is time to face these issues at hands and acknowledge that the funding system is fraudulent, and any public school district must receive the proper funding to educate students properly without the fear of being penalized.
Hence, being a student in the public school system, one experiences hand to hand the change in that is made year by year due to less funding. As a first year student in high school, there were always club activities and involvement throughout the school. But as the years went by clubs were cut and the focus was in a classroom and trying to afford better materials that could benefit the students. So if the students are “benefited” and prepared, then the amount of exams received for funding can be justified. Being in that environment (classroom), you could feel the pressure to succeed but not for ones’ own standards.
No Child Left Behind had a great meaning behind it, but it…

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