Essay about The No Child Left Behind Act

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Principalship Practicum Action Inquiry
Statement of the Problem
After the No Child Left Behind Act (2001) the state of Texas continues raising the academic standards for students as well as the requirements for teachers (TEA, 2014). With these increments, an obvious academic gap it is reflected at L. A. Gililland Elementary. It is important that the administrator pay close attention in how teacher could collaborate among each other to analyze and create goals with the proper teaching strategies to close the academic gaps in the school. The administrator should designed a schedule where teacher could plan vertically and cross curriculums and to plan future staff developments where the vertical teams are enhance. Furthermore, that the school reach the 85% requirement for the students achievement re3flected in the state test STAAR (EMS-ISD, 2014).
Relation of the Problem to the Specialization
Creating a good yearly schedule and a great environment for the collaboration in vertical teams will help with closing the gaps and partner in a better system. The vertical alignment will increase the academic grow of the students as well of the teachers and other personnel that participates with this plan (Gililland, 2014). The professional Learning Communities (PLCs) have been in place at Gililland for three years, but until today the vertical alignment it has not being possible for the lack of the right scheduling for the collaboration. The vertical alignment will be a resources for…

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