The No Child Left Behind Act Essay

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I remember when I was in Elementary School and every day we had time to do music, art, and/or theater both in class and as an extra elective. I know that personally for me this was my favorite part of each day when I was able to have a bit more freedom and express myself the way I wanted to through the arts. Every day this is what my classmates and I looked forward to, every lesson we got to use the arts or every time we went to our electives we loved learning and remembered what we learned because it was done in a fun way. Everyone loved this experience, but unfortunately not every child gets to experience this fun way of learning in school anymore. The No Child Left Behind act states that the arts are mandatory as a core academic subject(“11 Facts,” 2014). However, in the last ten years the budget for the arts in schools has been significantly decreased and art programs all over the country are constantly being cut. For example, between 2006 and 2010 in New York City the funding for arts in public schools was cut by 68 percent (Phifer, M. 2011). The budget being cut for the arts in school is becoming a huge problem because the arts are essential for children to learn to their full ability. It is very important for the arts (music, theater, and visual arts) to be integrated into elementary education on a daily basis. First, we have to define arts integration. The Kennedy Center ArtsEdge education network defines arts integration as “an approach to teaching in…

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