Essay about The No Child Left Behind Act Of 2001 ( Nclb )

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Regardless of socio-economic status, every child should have a right to a quality education. In 2002, Congress passed the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 (NCLB), which was intended to improve the academic achievement of all students. NCLB was President George W. Bush 's education reform bill, which was intended to helping schools improve teacher and principal quality. However, throughout the nation, the less fortunate children are still deprived of a decent education. To the federal government, the right to education is not recognized as a fundamental right. State governments have been in control of the right to education. In addition, the state is responsible for public education funding and staffing. They also elect and appoint members of the boards of education. In August of 2016, the Students Matter organization filed a federal lawsuit seeking to establish a constitutional right to education. The Students Matter organization is a California-based advocacy group that promotes access to quality public education for all students. There are numerous reasons why education is important. Education enhances the skill and intelligence of an individual. A quality education is beneficial to all aspects of life. What are the benefits of all children receiving a quality education? The federal government should establish a constitutional right for all children to receive a quality education because proper education helps with the growth and development of an individual, it plays a…

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