You Tube Plantopia Paper

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Notes from You-tube Plantopia Videos
In this paper I will write some points about the videos I watched. The first video about The Carbon Cycle, I learned from this video the Carbon is the basic building block of life, and there are these atoms are unique in every place on earth. Carbons forms the flora and fauna the earth, and are also stored in the ocean and the atmosphere, and the planet 's crust. Carbon atom can spend millions of years moving through the ground in a complex cycle. This conceptual animation provides an example of the different parts of the carbon cycle. The arrows indicate the purple carbon absorption.
The yellow arrows indicate the release of carbon. On the ground, and plants absorb carbon from the atmosphere through
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It can be nitrogen conversion through all the biological and physical processes. Important processes in the nitrogen cycle installation, generating ammonia, nitrification, and DE nitrification. The vast majority of the Earth 's atmosphere (78%) are nitrogen, making it the largest concentration of nitrogen. However, the nitrogen in the atmosphere has limited the use of biological, resulting in a scarcity of nitrogen that can be used in many types of …show more content…
Human activities such as burning fossil fuels, the use of synthetic nitrogen fertilizers, and the launch of the nitrogen in the wastewater has changed dramatically from the global nitrogen cycle.
The Nitrogen & Phosphorus Cycle Video Describes the desperate need of many organisms have on the food specifically nitrogen and phosphorus, and how to go about getting it through the nitrogen and phosphorus cycles. The air is Nitrogen of 78%, animals urine feces and corpses release it into the soil that is broken down by bacteria that live in nodules of plants and also they live in the soil. From there it can be made into ammonia by adding water and that is Nitrate and Nitrite. From here plants and animals can use it to "create" DNA and RTA. The other path ends up in making the Nitrogen back into air

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