The Nineteenth Amendment And The Women 's Rights Movement Essay

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The Nineteenth Amendment and the women’s rights movement were turning points in history because they challenged the previous notions of women’s voices and led to women being treated as though they are human beings. The women’s rights movement was an amalgamation of things, each contributing to its origins. The Nineteenth Amendment was the most major result of the suffrage efforts. The Nineteenth Amendment was important because it gave a voice to women which they had not previously had and allowed them to have a proper representation in the government. As more than half of the population, it seems only fitting that women should be allowed to present their ideas and thoughts in a government space, and to create an all-gendered, all-equal government space, rather than just a male-oriented one. Women are just as capable of making a conscious and good choice for government choices and, because of this, they should be able to vote. Women are people just as much as men are, and the Constitution does not define man or woman; it defines ‘We the People.’ The most critical questions in regards to the Nineteenth Amendment were why it took so long to be passed, and what directly resulted because of its passage. The Nineteenth Amendment that women called for intended to be “a prohibition on the States from abridging or denying the rights of a citizen of the United States to vote on account of sex” (O’Neal 338). What this means, in a general sense, is that the states should not be able to…

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