Essay on The Nineteen Twenties Er The Era That Shaped The World

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The nineteen-twenties era also known as the Roaring Twenties was the era that shaped the world to the way it is now. It was the years of change as Americans were recovering from World War I. It was a time of dramatic social and political changes (Benson, Brannen, and Valentine). The nation’s wealth doubled between 1920 and 1929, and more Americans lived in cities instead of farms for the first time. No matter where people lived they all bought the same goods, listened to the same music, did the same dance, and talked in the same dialect. There were many changes from the automobile, sports, pop culture, and even education ( staff).
The United States dominated the automobile industry in the twentieth century. The automobile was one of the most attractive luxury item during the 1920s. Anybody that could afford an automobile had one. By 1924, The Ford Motor Company led by Henry Ford, had over ten thousand dealerships all across the United States. The most popular car produced by Henry Ford was the, Ford Model T, because they were cheap and reliable. In 1924, the Ford Model T cost just $260 (“The Roaring Twenties.”). They started to produce new and better models every year. Americans were able to explore their country by driving to distant locations and go camping alongside the roads. It also gave people the opportunity to commute to work in the city from their quite homes in the suburbs. By 1929, the number of cars on the road started to increase, with every one car…

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