The Nineteen Eighty Drama Ordinary People Essay

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There are numerous psychological disorders in the world today, but one that many people face is mood disorder and many people who do not have this disorder usually don’t know what people deal with on a day to day biases. One movie that can show a great example of what it is like having this disorder is the nineteen eighty drama Ordinary People. The plot of the movies goes as such, “tormented by guilt following the death of his older brother, Buck, in a sailing accident, alienated teenager Conrad Jarrett played by Timothy Hutton attempts suicide. Returning home following an extended stay in a psychiatric hospital, Conrad tries to deal with his mental anguish and also reconnect with his mother, Beth portrayed by Mary Tyler Moore, who has grown cold and angry, and his emotionally wounded father, Calvin played by Donald Sutherland, with the help of his psychiatrist, Dr. Berger portrayed by Judd Hirsch.” The movie shows how psychological disorders can affect people’s lives because at least on the surface, the couple seems perfect, appears to have a strong, loving relationship. They are affectionate with one another and have a large circle of friends. Their home and their friends are beautiful. Even their oldest son seem to be perfect as the audience can see through flashbacks and the mother adores everything about Buck. In contrast, Conrad is the complete opposite of his older brother, he is a generally non-descript teenager, with no outstanding qualities. The audience soon finds…

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