The Night With Boyfriend Jackson Essay

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Once Serena had gone and headed back home to Holby, Eleanor found herself settling in for the night with boyfriend Jackson. Indulging in more rubbish and fatty food, together they ate a takeaway and drank fizzy pop. They had spoken about his day at work, and how Jackson received a promotion he had gone from ‘Team Leader’ and to ‘Shift Manager’ at the bar he worked in. This pleased Eleanor greatly, it stood as another piece of proof that Jackson was a true man of his word and sticking by.

Although, in the mix of all the comfort and cosiness, a guilt loomed in Eleanor 's heart as somehow, she felt responsible for her mother, and it was something she felt like she needed to raise with Jackson. After all, her mother had been dating his father, and they may have been the cause of the break-up, even if it could have appeared that Eleanor struck up a relationship with Jackson, before her mother and Ric officially ended up together.

“You know my mum; she 's split up with your dad”

“I knew he would let her down, bastard... he is” Jackson spoke with annoyance and hatred; he had never mentioned his meeting with Ric in February and doubted he ever would, not even now.

“My mum ended it...”

“What, you 's sure?”

“Yeah, she admitted to doing so”

“He probably cheated on her, it was he does... finds someone makes them false promises then runs.”

“I don 't think he did, he isn 't like that anymore” Eleanor replied, feeling certain that cheating was not the real reason of the break-up,…

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