The Night Sky : The Stars, The Planets, And The Moon Essay

1038 Words Sep 15th, 2015 null Page
What is in the night sky? A common answer would be “the stars, the planets, and the moon”. The fact is that no matter how much we think we know, the answer to this question this question is unknown. In that night sky above is vastness that is incomprehensible to us. We will never truly comprehend what exactly is out there, or how magnificent it all is. Yet, we continue to stare it in awe and wonder entranced, as if those gleaming lights in the night sky have us trapped in a siren song luring us towards it, making us wish we could one day reach it. Since the beginning of time, man has sat and looked towards the dark heavens in amazement. This fact has not changed. On the campus of one Middle Tennessee State University, is a place where one can watch the night sky in all of it’s glory. Where in the summer a person can hear the cicadas cry, and feel the soft kiss of the wind on their cheek as they glance and dream at the stars above. The Uranidrome, twelve pillars placed in a circle mark this special area as well as educate on the few things we know about the vast unknown above. When we were children, it was natural for us to go outside at night, or look up through our bedroom windows at the beautiful sky above us. Now as a student of Middle Tennessee State University, that feeling of being small once again returns full force as you visit the Uranidrome. As you walk through the night, Summer is coming to a close, though the nights have yet to begin to have even the slightest…

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