The Night Sky By Vincent Van Gogh Essay

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Going outdoors to explore the wilderness opens the doors for a sense of wonder and excitement. Camping provokes curiosity and discovery. When children run around and play outside, they may not realize the entirety of their surroundings. No matter where someone turns, nature’s presence follows them whether in the inner city of Milwaukee or rural countryside of southern Scotland. The night sky portrays a sense of intricate detail covering the entire horizon as far as the eye can see. Nature’s vastness contains power and encompasses a sense of motion, especially when glancing up at the night sky.
Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh utilizes intricate brushstrokes to portray the nighttime. Van Gogh’s representation of the night sky utilizes colors and intricate brush strokes to portray a depiction of nature’s impact. “Such a painting as Starry Night… with the dark-green flames of the cypress trees, rolling rhythms of the hills, and cosmic explosion of the Milky Way, was enough to set imaginations on fire” (Fleming 338). The night can be a bold and beautiful aspect of nature when someone takes time to look at it. Van Gogh shows this point by expressing the intensity of nature by use of both light and dark colors. Even though the hills are dark and appear to be far off in the distance, there is also a reflection from the night sky, stars, and the moon which expresses a sense of warmth. Overall, the brushstrokes that Van Gogh utilizes attempt to grab the viewer’s attention because…

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