The Night Rhonda Ferguson By Edward P. Jones Essay

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The Night Rhonda Ferguson Was Killed is a realistic fiction piece by Edward P. Jones. Cassandra G. Lewis is the main character and protagonist of the story which centers around her adventure in the heart of Washington D.C. Throughout the adventure, the character traits of independence and violence are depicted in great detail. Jones uses a melange of curse-infused dialogue, imagery and inner voice to express these traits and overall form Cassandra’s varietal character.
The story begins off with a detailed description of Cassandra and the setting of her school, which helps bring to light her independent and somewhat rebellious nature. Cassandra doesn’t have a strong focus on her academics as she frequently skips class, as mentioned “[she] sat on the low brick wall outside Cardozo High School… she’d been there since her lunch period, and now it was nearing the end of seventh period…At Cassandra’s feet was a small pile of cigarette butts… behind her were a pile of candy wrappers… blowing here and there. (pg. 33)” Through the usage of imagery that depicts her surroundings, there is an indirect demonstration of her nonchalance regarding her academics as she is skipping class, as well as making the unhealthy choice to smoke cigarettes. This coincides with her independence from the authority of the school and the required attendance of seven classes within a school day.
In addition, Cassandra’s independence from school authority relates to the mannerism of her friendships as she…

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