The Night - Original Writing Essay

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As I was climbing the stairs to the attic I heard what sounded to be people wrestling. So I decided to continue up the stairs to check it out to make sure everything was alright. I was one stair away then I heard a scream, that 's when I knew it was Rufus. So at this moment I didn’t know what to do, so I paused on that last step and gather myself. Then, I walked in and see Dana on top of Rufus with a knife in him.
“DANA!! What are you doing?” I asked.
“Rufus deserved it” Dana responded.
“IS HE DEAD!?” I asked.
“Yes.” Dana responded.
“How? What did he do to deserve this? I asked.
“Well he was trying to rape me. So I had to do this. I had to Nigel. Forgive me please Nigel.” Dana begged.
“Dana you know that black people have no right so he was allowed to rape you if he wanted. This is the Antebellum South this isn’t your time when rape is illegal. So you got a lot of making up to do if you want me to forgive you.” I said.
“Wha…….” Dana’s last word. That was the last thing I heard before she like disappeared? There I was just standing me and the dead body of Rufus. My best friend is now dead. I grew up with him, he was the only reason my life wasn 't so bad on the plantation. How do I tell everyone about Rufus being dead? Will they believe me that Dana did it? Where do we put his dead body? A few minutes later I went to the cabin and told my wife Carrie. She pointed at the house, and I said, “Mrs. Weylin?” She nodded yes, so I walked in to talk to her but I was nervous.

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