The Night - Original Writing Essay

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From her eyes
That’s just another day in the September. The rain still falls in her town. But, she didn’t really care. She let the rain wet her body. She didn’t use umbrella or even jacket. She didn’t know where she went. She just felt too tired and tried to forget everything although just for a while. And she knew, this place is the best place.

She just walks in the middle of rain. Everybody that she passed was bringing umbrella. But, she didn’t. The road was quiet. Some couple was standing under the tree. And, she saw the boy. He walked in the rain with that girl. He gripped her hand and she holds an umbrella for them. Actually she felt hurt, but, inside of her heart that’s still another wound. There is no use to go back to her house. She thought that her parents were still fighting, her brother not at home, and other siblings in her grandmother’s house. Yes. Maybe, her parents would divorce. And her father would marry that woman. That evil woman. Her mother would cry. And, how about her siblings? Ray should old enough to accept the fact. But, how about Rosie, and Ezra? They just eleven years old and six years old.

She walked for some steps. The rains didn’t stop. She didn’t know why that her friend, Adriel really love rain. He said that rains one of the best things in the world. Nonsense. And where in the world was the smart guy? Where? He was in the school, preparing himself for Olympiad. Well, she didn’t important enough. He didn’t here when she need him. He didn’t…

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