The Night - Original Writing Essay

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The first hint of day lightened the gray lightened the horizon when Pawl woke in Lindara’s bed, exhausted, having slept for short bursts during the night. He reached over to feel for Lindara, yet his hand met a cool bedsheet. Pawl’s eyes flew open, and a bright shot of panic tore through him. Had Lindara died in the night and no one told him? Had they removed her body from the room and allowed him to lie there?
Still dressed from the day before, he shot out of bed and put a hand to his chest. That could not be. Pawl was a light sleeper and would have been woken by such commotion in an instant. But where was Lindara? His eyes swept across the chamber floor, looking for a sign of her. She might have tried to rise in the night and had fallen, or perhaps in her delirium, she’d left the room.
Preparing to rush out into the hallway, he heard a rustling sound behind the drawn privacy curtain in the corner, followed by what sounded like the trickle of water pouring from an ewer. Pawl ran forward and pulled back the curtain to find Lindara squatting over the chamber pot.
“Pawl!” she shouted, her voice still gravely from illness. “Close the curtain!”
With a sigh of relief, he did as asked. Though still dim in the chamber, he noticed Lindara was no longer sweating, and while pale, she was lucid.
“Oh, goodness,” he heard Lindara mutter, and decided instead of standing there like a fool, he’d help. So what if she was taking a piss? He’d been up close to all of her body parts. She’d…

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