Essay about The Night - Original Writing

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It felt good, to walk through the doorways of the club. The familiar environment, warm and loud. In four weeks the place has not changed. Angel was still at the bar serving, while Ant sat on his stool and watched the brothers flirt with his old lady. However, none of the bikers touched or took it beyond a mild flirtation. Anthony’s wrath was something to watch, not to be a part of.
“Fuck, it’s good to be back.”
“Yeah, I know what you mean. I love being on the road with Twiggy. But I sure as fuck miss this place”
Trax has come to stand beside me. His body filling out from all the training he is doing. Although his smile was in place, the candor of his youth has disappeared from his eyes. He is no longer the boy I remember, but a man. A man who grew up too quickly. A Devil’s Comfort biker.
“Fancy a game of pool, before church?”
While we stroll over to the empty pool table, I feel Trax’s eyes burning into my back. He is lost amongst his thoughts. The terrible loss of Trax’s innocents, has me hesitating before I begin to set up the balls
“Hey, you and Teddy must have a lot in common?”
My question, does the trick and pulls Trax’s away from whatever dark thoughts he was being drawn too. The perplexed look on his face, a delight to watch.
“I hear Teddy’s into trains as well.”
When Trax slaps my back, I get to experience the full strength behind the muscles, and I have to plant my feet on the ground, to prevent myself from falling forward.
“Yep. It’s thanks to…

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