The Night - Original Writing Essay

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Everything was normal that night, or so it seemed. Before I went to sleep I texted my friends that I’d talk to them tomorrow, told my parents goodnight, and set my alarm for six a.m. the next morning. Little did I know that the alarm would be of no use to me. I was awoken by a heavy shaking feeling and whined thinking it was just one of my siblings trying to prank me. A loud crash sounded from the other room. It was then that I realized there was no one there and that the ground was shaking, making things fall.

It was early and still dark outside. I arose from my bed and shakily tried to make it too my dogs bed in the corner. I found him and held him close as I continued to the window to see what was going on. I almost fell once but caught myself and continued to the window. I looked out and the whole neighborhood was shaking. I was groggy so it took me a while to realize that it wasn’t just some massive truck driving by and shaking the ground, it was an earthquake.

I remembered all the things that the teachers taught us at school but they don’t necessarily apply here. I grabbed a bunch of my pillows and blankets and threw them into an inner corner of my room so it would be closer to the more stable area of my house. I sat my puppy Jack down on the pillow and covered us both up to protect us from the falling books and picture frames raining from the shelves on my walls. Jack lets out a small whimper but I held

him close and that seemed to comfort him. I tried to…

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