The Night - Original Writing Essay

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We stood there for a few minutes, still stunned at what we had found. I sighed in defeat and looked over the edge of the destroyed window. Near the edge of the broken glass, lay patches of black hair, like the ones found at the other scene. This confirmed what Ethan and I had suspected; Mr. Marks had been taken by the creature and was most likely killed. We wandered outside the room and thanked Ms Phillips. It would have been far too horrid to tell such a kind lady of what we found. We told her that we would try our best to find him and bring him back.
On the way back to headquarters, we didn’t speak or make any sound off any kind. We were both pale and shaken by the discovery and knew that we had to stop this hellwolf before anyone else got hurt or killed, like Steven had. Soon, we pulled up to the station and as I was getting out Ethan slammed his fist on the dashboard in anger.
“Damn it.” He yelled, furious. “We couldn’t save him and we couldn’t save anyone else. How the hell are we supposed to stop something that can break through solid brick?”
I put my hand on Ethan’s shoulder and looked into his eyes. “Ethan,” I said, trying to calm him down. “It’s true that we couldn’t stop it from killing the other people, but we can stop it from killing anyone else. Come on,, we’ll try to find any connection and see if we can predict it’s next victim.”
Ethan smiled, but I could tell that he was still spiteful about was had occurred. There was nothing I could do about it, I felt the…

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