The Night - Original Writing Essay

910 Words May 21st, 2015 4 Pages
It was the morning of my sixteenth birthday, the air was oddly still. The lack of noise was ominous. Despite these two odd facts, I threw my feet over the edge of my bed and sat up. Grabbing my phone from my nightstand, I pushed the home screen button, and checked to see if any of my friends had wished me a happy birthday. I looked at my phone with confusion, it had said it was 11:59 PM the previous day. Now disorientated, I shot up from my bed and opened my curtains. The sun was out, and the day looked eerily still. A glitch on my phone, I thought to myself. I descended the staircase, excited to see my parents on my birthday morning. I remember wondering why the smell of bacon, eggs, and orange juice was not wafting into my nostrils. No matter how relentlessly I smelled the air, no aroma entered my nose; and no matter how hard I listened for my parent 's voices, I couldn 't hear anything. I reached the bottom step of the stairs, and turned eagerly towards the kitchen. Stopping dead in my tracks, I gasped at the sight before me. My parents were not in the kitchen, however my Pitbull was frozen. He was suspended in place – in time. His mouth was locked onto his bone and his tail lodged in the grasps of stillness. His eyes peeled open in excitement. I glanced at the clock above the stove – it, too, read 11:59 PM. I peeled my gaze off of the clock, and ran upstairs towards my parents room. I threw the door open, and saw my mother frozen in bed reading a book. My dad was at…

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