The Night - Original Writing Essay

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A muffled sigh and shifting of fabric broke the silence in the apartment, Hal stretching his neck and grasping at the edge of the flannel blanket just covering his shoulder. His body protested the movement after a night asleep at an unusual angle and it was only with great reluctance that he found the strength to finally open his eyes. He could make out the coffee table, the hazy form of his laptop now in a slumber of its own. The sun had also decided to make an appearance, thin rays of light casting a golden hue on the room.

Hal rubbed at his eyes in an attempt to clear his vision before tapping absently at his temples. He didn’t remember removing his glasses.

The blanket fell to his lap as he sat up quickly and looked around the room. His glasses sat folded next to his computer, last night’s cups were gone, and if it weren’t for the neatly folded towel sitting on the kitchen counter he might have thought he imagined the entire affair.

Replacing his glasses to his face as he stood, Hal took a few cautious steps forward. Maybe Dave had simply excused himself to the bathroom? But no, the door was open. Hal was in fact, alone, two empty mugs looking up at him from the sink like a pair of questioning eyes.

Had it been a mistake to ask Dave inside? Had he made things awkward between the two of them? Hal had been enjoying his job well enough, but over the past several weeks he 'd come to look forward to his visits. Picking out titles, making suggestions, refining…

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