The Night - Original Writing Essay

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Louise was upset when she arrived home, and drove into the garage but failed to see the bikes parked close to her space. She heard a crash and backed up. She got out of the car and recognized her son’s bike, and figured the other one belonged to his friend. After checking them, she saw his friend’s bike bent and crushed. She screamed. “Mike, come out here and look at this.” When there was no response, she rushed into the house yelling. “The boys left their bike in my space and I ran over one of them.”
What’s wrong?” Mike asked coming down the hallway.
When she entered the living room, Wayne and his friend were coming down the stairway. “Mom, I want you to meet my friend Benjamin,” Wayne said.
“What were you yelling about in the garage?” Mike asked.
Before Louise could say anything, Benjamin recognized her, “I know you. You’re the mean lady that killed my dog.”
“You can’t talk to my mother like that. Mom, did you do that?” Wayne asked.
“What are you doing here?” Louise asked, surprised to see Betty’s son again.
“I saw her kill my dog,” Benjamin said, fighting back tears as he sat on the sofa and put his hands in his lap.
Louise stood speechless looking at Benjamin, and whispered, “Oh my Lord not him again. What am I going to do?” “You boys had no business leaving your bikes in my parking space. Your dad can fix your bike without any problem. Now I think it is time that you went home. Wayne cannot be your friend. Mike, would you take him home?” Louise asked as she started…

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