Essay on The Night - Original Writing

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My mind is filled with many avenues and passage ways. Crevices and Rooms filled of times of my past and present. The good: open with welcoming smiles to anyone. The bad and ugly: locked but with the key still in the hole for anyone willing to enter. My mind is colorful to say the least. I can be thinking of anything at any given moment. There’s a room at the farthest point of the hallway, its door the darkest of red, the doorknob the same color. This is the room that my deepest fear stays trapped in.
With my deepest fright stuck in this room, I can say that not many people have wanted to enter but one. The room is cold as a winter night. The walls are a dull gray. A hard leather recliner sits in the left corner of the room with a cream blanket thrown across its back as if waiting on someone to come take the warmth it provides. A dull pink side table with lavender roses that looks as if it had been there for over a week and were beginning to wither and stacks of papers with negative energy emitting from the words that are written on them. A small porthole window is to the right side of the room letting in a narrow line of sun. Worst of anything in this room, is the object that lies in the middle. A hospital bed with me laying in it with my hands tied to either side of the bed because “it” had returned. “It” being the autoimmune disease that captured me at the age of 11 and was fought off by my 14th birthday, Lupus.
This room captures the essence of me being trapped and taken…

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