The Night - Original Writing Essay

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Rion calmed from his night terror easily, and he and Percival went back to sleep. When morning arrived, Rion shot out of bed with a grin, full of his typical energy. He had no memory of his tears and screaming the previous night, which was just as well; the boy deserved peace after all the heartache he had weathered.

Since Percival and Rion woke early, they broke the fast in the Dining Hall instead of their quarters. Rion shoveled warm fennel porridge into his mouth, then announced he was off to see his puppy before lessons. He rushed away from the table, calling, "Goodbye, Father," over his shoulder as he ran.

"Have a good day," Percival replied, but Rion was already gone.

Fleur entered the Dining Hall and took a seat on the bench next to Percival. Her usual morning smile was missing.

"What 's wrong, love?" he asked.

"You haven 't heard? Caron 's husband died early this morning. He collapsed from his horse and never moved again."

"I see. That 's unfortunate."

It was unfortunate the man passed, but Caron 's pain was not Percival 's concern. In fact, he 'd prefer to never think of Caron or her circumstances again. All he wanted to focus on was Rion, Fleur, and their upcoming wedding.

"I mean to see her," said Fleur.

Percival stiffened and dropped his spoon into his bowl with a clatter. "What? Why? No, Fleur, you shouldn 't. She won 't be kind to you. Trust me. Keep your distance."

"I can 't do that. Now that her husband 's gone, she 'll need help from us in the…

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