The Night - Original Writing Essay

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The day is so hot she can feel the sweat gathering inside her ears.
No one is outside at this hour, not even servants. But Nina knows they are waiting just inside the front doors, ready at a moment’s notice. The caravans are coming today.
She is supposed to resting. After her midday bath, Mother sent her upstairs to gather energy for the night. Tonight was when Father and Mother would host the head foreign salesmen of fruit, gemstones, silver and pottery at a huge dinner. Tradespeople brought fascinating items, as well as stories of strange lands and peoples to the table. This was the first year Nina would be allowed to join the adults at the table.
A breeze chases a strand of smooth black hair across her cheek, and she refocuses on the desert sands outside her window. The horses in the plaza below shuffle lazily, withers shivering to shake off the flies. Somehow she can hear her heart beating.
One by one the horses begin lifting their heads. Their ears swivel. It’s not her heartbeat she’s hearing, it’s the sound of hundreds of horses and wagons driving towards Oasis City. Nina ties down her veil and slips into her sandals.
The wagons stop outside the house, clattering and bumping, everyone laughing and shouting. The horses whinny to each other over the din, servants weaving through the guests to explain about baths and accommodations. Mother stands at the door supervising. A servant speaks low to her, hands flinging in anxious gestures.
“Nina,” Mother beckons her over.…

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