The Night - Original Writing Essay

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This time, it was gentle and kind, and

she knew she was loved. She was not an object; she was a person, a beloved person.

When they pulled away, Ginny looked at Ben. He was breathing heavily and it was cold enough that

she could see his breath. His chest rose in and out, in quick rapid motions. Ginny laid her head down on

his chest, and sighed, trying not to be rocked to sleep. If only every person in the world could feel like

this, then we would have no wars, or contentions, just happiness.

“Three, two, one,” Ginny heard Celia mutter as she walked around the corner. “Oh dear, I thought I had

waited long enough, guess I was wrong.”

“Hey Celia, you want to come join in,” Ben asked. Ginny expected Celia to be repulsed and say no.

She didn 't. She nodded and came over and laid her head on Ginny 's chest. For a moment it was silent as

the three friends laid there in the snow, watching more snowflakes fall to the earth.

“Can everyday be like this?” Celia whispered.

“How I wish, minus Christian of course,” Ginny replied.

“Ginny you must be feeling better if you can crack jokes about Christian,” Ben replied.

“Yeah, I think I am feeling better.”

“Better enough for one more dance?” Ben asked.

“Yeah, let 's do it,” Ginny said, standing up. Celia rolled off her lap and fell into the snow. “Hey!” She


“Sorry,” Ginny replied, turning towards the ball, when something hit her in the back of her head. She

spun around and saw Celia had thrown a snowball at her face.…

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